Nautex S.r.l. is an Italian firm with certificate number ISO 9001:2008 with headquarters in Rome and a branch in Olbia that deals with:

  • Producing and commercialising innovative and technological items, through the use of new materials and construction techniques.
    Starting from an idea, we analyse the project and develop it, making constant improvements, until we reach a unique, patentable product to put on the market.
  • Market research in the field of technologically innovative products that respect and enhance the ecological principles of energy and water conservation
  • Providing our clients innovative products and solutions
  • Nautex philosophy is the conceiving, the research, the production and commercialisation of innovative products which, standing out for the high technological contents, also contribute to the enhancement of ecological principles and preservation of environmental resources.

Certificate ISO 9001:2008

Nautex is certified for the marketing of boating products.




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Mission and Philosophy

The Nautex Philosophy can be condensed into one principle: to make the life of boat owners simpler and more comfortable, whether in the boat, on the dock, or in the camper. We do this by producing and marketing products that adapt to the needs of the user, and that do not clutter or take up space on the boat or in any other place.

Innovative products

Nautex is constantly designing new products. Among our patents is the cleat bumper, an innovative, soft silicone apparatus that protects your feet from hitting the cleats while on board.

Green Vision

Nautex reserves constant attention to ecological principles of energy and water conservation. In this context, it commercialises articles such as the innovative Sun Spark system which makes it possible to generate and accumulate electrical energy through photovoltaic panels up to 5 kw/P, or the electric energy generator Mag Spark, requiring only 0.8 Bars of energy to function. This energy is obtainable from totally ecological, renewable sources which are easy to obtain. And then we have Eco Tap, the device that cuts down on water consumption wherever applied up to 87%.