• Ecotimer- Antitheft time tap – Save up to 80% of water

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Ecotimer- Antitheft time tap – Save up to 80% of water

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Product Details

Water is an important and limited resource: save it up!… and save your money!
With Ecotimer you can save up water to 80%.

Touch on/off, Better to use.
Easy to use. Makes opening and closing the water become easier, save time and is convenient. Children do not need to stand on tiptoe to open the faucet, elders can open faucet easily. Jaust one touch, and then you can use the water.

Prevent contagion.
Ecotap Tap sets the switch on the spout of the faucet. Virus can be washed away easily, so it can prevent cross transmission. Protect you and your family’s health.

Easy Water Saving, Best Washing Power
Ecotimer can save water from 48%-80%, and it can solve original faucet’s leaking problem. Time passed, the valve of faucet might start leaking because of elastic fatigue. Ecotap Tap can solve leaking problem.

Easy DIY, Easy to Install
Ecotap with an all new innovation design. No professional technician required and easy way to install.

Eco life, Green Life
Environmental – friendly, Ecotap does not need electricity. Ecoimer is one of the best products for better our life.

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Technical data

  • Open and close the water just “One Touch”
  • Save water bills easily
  • Suitable for any places
  • Convenient
  • Also can prevent virus transmission
  • Description: smooth and spray water flow
  • Water Saving Rate: up to 80%
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Brass-Chrome Plating-Plastic (pom)
  • Water Pressure Range: 1-10kgf/cm²
  • Gauge: 15/16-27 – Male Thread


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