• ELEX1 marine trolley Nautex

  • Elex1 without removable container

  • Elex1 front view

  • Elex1 side view

  • Elex1 handle folded

  • Elex1 detail, automatic braking system

  • Elex1 rear sprocket to haul other trolleys

  • Elex1 handle hauling position

  • Elex1 hauling

ELEX1 marine trolley Nautex

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Product Details

Elex1 is Nautex internationally patented marine trolley that helps boat owners or tourist marina workers to bring everything they need from the car or another location onto the boat. The foldable handle and aluminum gear at the back allow you to connect multiple carts, creating a “mini-train” that can transport much larger objects such as sails and masts.
Each trolley has free spaces where you can add your own special touch, or insert advertisements (in cases where the Elex1 is to be used directly by the marina)

The Elex1 is made to stay on dock always ready for use. It is constructed of 100% aluminum and can carry up to 400 kg of weight.
With the Elex 1, you won’t have to look any further for a transportation solution; you can carry anything you need for the boat, the camper or the workshop. Durable, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, it resolves all transportation problems with easy and convenience, even for large and heavy items.

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Exclusive patent Nautex
Technical data

  • Material: aluminum
  • Max capacity: about 400 kg
  • Cart floor dimensions: 71×51 cm
  • Wheel dimensions: Ø 20 cm
  • Height from the ground: 24 cm
  • Front wheels: castor
  • Back wheels: fixed
  • Automatic breaking system: Yes
  • Cart floor: marine plywood
  • Handle: collapsible-can be dismantled
  • Container for carrying objects: not included
  • Weight: about 15 kg
  • Container colors: red/blue

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