• H2OFF electric 150ml nanoparticle spray

  • H2OFF ELECTRIC 150 ML spry nanoparticelle

H2OFF electric 150ml nanoparticle spray

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The H2OFF spray-on nanotechnology provides a protective layer for electrical components, shielding them from humidity, extreme weather conditions, oxidation and corrosion (watch video).

Applications: use on any electrical component that needs protection against humidity, rain, snow, saltwater, salt mist and extreme weather conditions. Use for electronic devices, electric motors, electric boxes, switchboards, circuit boards, antennas and navigation devices. Protects electrical and electronic equipment from all forms of humidity, such as vapor, condensation, mist, fog, rain, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated water. Prolongs the duration of circuits and electronic devices. Does not require surface preparation. Can be used on wet surfaces. Current nanotechnologies enable us to create products with outstanding features compared to those normally known and used.

Nanotechnologies – one step ahead: hundreds of chemical products exist on the market with discrete electrical protection and anticorrosion capacities, but none of them are comparable to the H2OFF products. H2OFF products are made to work perfectly, even in extreme environmental and weather conditions. They guarantee maximum protection at the lowest temperatures (as low as -80° C) as well as in environments with high levels of humidity, salt, etc. H2OFF electric can be used on wet or rusted surfaces without having to dry or prepare the surface.

Why choose H2OFF electric?

  • Protects electrical and electronic equipment from all forms of humidity, such as vapor, condensation, mist, salt mist, fog, rain, acid rain, salt water and chlorinated water. Protects against corrosion
  • Prevents short circuits and protects electrical and electronic contacts from freezing
  • Restores the functionality of electrical contacts, electrical components and electronic devices that have been exposed to water, humidity, oxidation or corrosion
  • Prevents oxidation as well as mold and mildew formation on electrical and electronic contacts
  • Improves electrical insulation
  • Enables the restoration, preservation and improvement of resistance and insulation capabilities on electrical equipment in a humid environment
  • Cleans and protects electrical contacts from dust and dirt
  • Extends the life of electrical and electronic equipment in humid environments or extreme weather conditions
  • Improves the quality of electrical contacts and prevents electrical dissipation
  • Protects against static electricity and short circuits
  • Allows you to turn on electrical equipment that has been immersed in water.
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Technical data

  • Forms a water repellent
  • impermeable layer of protection
  • Forms a water-resistant layer (Nanoprotech particles penetrate micro cracks and fractures
  • expelling accumulated water)
  • Completely eliminates humidity from the treated surface
  • Maintains the quality of electrical contacts even in the water
  • Forms an insulating layer that protects against dissipation
  • Has a strong capillary action that allows the product to infiltrate the more inaccessible parts of the equipment without the need to disassemble them
  • Fills the micro cracks and micro fractures expelling the water and impurities that have accumulated there
  • Maintains the elasticity of seals
  • Does not damage metal plastic rubber glass lacquer polish varnish ceramic or electric and electronic components
  • Does not dilute in water
  • Does not form an emulsion
  • Has a dielectric effect
  • Does not contain rubber silicone acrylic Teflon or aromatic components
  • It is safe for human health and the environment


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